Rivers provide water,entertainment,and a home. Rivers flow all over the world and provides water for animals,humans,and plants.Rivers are used to be swam in for entertainment,and can be a home for fish,humans and other aquatic life. If there were no rivers everyone and every thing would rely on the ocean.Snoqualimie Falls Jason W Lacey via Compfight

Your thoughts and their responsibilities



Your thoughts are yours and you should take responsibility for them. If you are thinking greatly or positive you are going to take responsibility, but if you are thinking negative you might not take responsibility.If you are thinking negatively you should take responsibility because it’s the right thing to do. If you don’t it could lead to a lot of disasters.

The Texas Revolution

Remember...The Texas Revolution was an important time for Texas. In October 2, 1836 Fannin and his troops were defeated.

At The Battle Of Goliad (which was more of a masacre) all the Texans died from the confrontation with Santa Anna´s army. At The Battle Of Jacinto, Houston and his army defeated the Mexican army and captured Santa Anna and others. Santa Anna then traded his life for Texas independence.

An important lesson I have learned

An important lesson I’ve learned is to not touch fire. If you touch fire guess what happens… You get burned! When I was 6 I was at a campfire, and I tried to reach in the fire and grab it. I got burned.

It didn’t burn my hand, and set it on fire. Plus it only hurt for 10 seconds because I tried to run away from the fire, and tripped. Afterwards, we cooked and ate marshmallows.


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What I want them to see in me

Ad - Macro'ed I want people to see that I am a good person.I want them to see that I am caring so I will help people.I want to be seen as smart so I will get good grades.

I want them to see me as athletic so next year I will sign up for basketball,and football.I want to be seen as patient so I will try not to be bored.To do this I will try and get people to notice what I do.

I will be caring by helping people with carrying books.I will be athletic by training until next year when basketball and football season starts up then play those sports.Then I will be smart by getting good grades and studying.